About Perkins Consulting

Perkins Consulting has been helping companies measure their performance for over 14 years. We have a wealth of experience in working with mid-market companies in the Pacific Northwest and Western regions. Our professionals offer a combination of deep analytic skills, data-driven insight, industry knowledge, and process experience.

Our team can incorporate numerous external data sources such as historical weather, localized unemployment levels, and income demographics in order to help your company better understand the demand for your products and the resulting sales levels.

Our experience and knowledge

Our staff has deep experience with financial data, cost accounting, and concepts like Activity Based Costing to bring to bear on building better understanding of your profitability and all its facets. We’ve helped many Northwest and West coast companies measure different attributes of people performance and clearly relate that performance to the performance of the company.

Perkins Consulting excels at delivering data to shrink margins, reduce turnover, decrease working capital and increase new revenue. We use our experience and solutions to reduce your risk and time, helping you compete on information across any business function or process.

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